Joint Mayor-Council Task Force on Energy and Environment

Unspecified Terms - 7 members of which 3 Appointed by Mayor, 3 by Town Council and 1 by Task Force – Per Resolution Passed May 14, 2007

Purpose and Objectives

  1. To review the report and recommendations of the Energy Use Committee. 
  2. To consider additional related energy and environmental issues including, but not limited to, current and future availability of fossil fuels, air quality, climate impact, and funding concerns. 
  3. To make recommendations to the Mayor and Town Council regarding the priority, implementation, funding and execution of the Task Force’s findings.

Mayoral Appointees (3)
Hal Greist (D) 725 Broad St. 01/01/2008 
Paul Sankowski, Chair (U) 54 Booth St.  01/01/2008 
Marcia Stewart (R) 59 Beers Pl.  01/01/2008 

Town Council Appointees (3)
Christian Barnaby (R)
Council Member
Council Member